hey gamers

ryder ♪ she/her ♪ 22
i love my friends

♡ hi!! my names ryder. ♡
22 yr old girl (she/her) ♪ new hampshire ♪ bisexual ♪ white ♪ double gemini and rising libra (5/26/98) ♪ enfp
im currently speedrunning paper mario 64 whenever i have time to work on it. i collect video games and i also enjoy shiny hunting! im trying to go vegan as well. 💘

characters i really relate to !! id super appreciate it if you tagged me in art of them,,

eirika (fe8)chiaki nanami (sdr2)

i dont wanna list TOO many things but.. ill list some stuff im interested in!!

fire emblemdanganronpapokemonsuper mariospeedrunningshiny hunting
generally nintendo and anime stuff usually grabs my attention, though i havent been as into anime lately

my goodest oomf aries
my good sis adrian
jacket :D
rosie hehe
my sister brandon

i dont have too much else to say! if you have any other questions feel free to ask !!